Electric Car Kits- The Do's and Don'ts

Published: 26th July 2011
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Independent vehicle dealerships are now purchasing new vehicles less the engine or necessary equipment because they are going to create an electric car. And finally, some electric cars are totally manufactured. With almost half of the car being produced by only one company and the other by a totally separate entity, thereby producing a complete, standard vehicle.

Most of the electric car conversion kits in North America are purchased by individual citizens. People who are environmentally conscious and want to save money on gasoline and also hobbyists. Most of these individuals choose to convert an older model vehicle, especially if the vehicle donít have a working engine Defective cars or trucks are very cheap, and sometimes, even free. Most hobbyists that have a larger budget can choose to do an electric conversion on a particular make or model of vehicle or a later model vehicle, and even their favorite family car.
If you are decided to purchase and install one of the many electric car conversion kits, it is important to know the factors in mind. These factors will help the you make the best choices and even related purchases when attempting a car conversion.


First, the vehicle must be of the light-weight variety when converting, like a Ford Ranger, VW Beetle, or a Fiero, and other light-weight cars. Although electric conversion kits are designed to provide short range mobility, the lighter the vehicle, the more traveling distance is possible per charge. And also a smaller vehicle, it will only require less power to propel.

Next, choices of a good battery is also important, as they are the primary source of power. Most common, affordable, and widely available batteries are that of lead acid flooded variety. AGM, or Absorption Glass Mat, batteries are also the next most common battery, wherein it provides more power but may cost more, and also virtually maintenance free. Also, more exotic batteries, such as the Li-ion and the Ni-MH, are harder to find but are also light weight and it last longer, its also maintenance free and more expensive. Finally, the latest technology for car batteries is lithium batteries, which provides an ever-increasing level of possibilities for the future of electric vehicles (EV's).

And when considering one of the electric car conversion kits, the charger, power controller, power conductors, accessory equipment, control circuitry, and instrument specifics are also important. An electric car conversion kit allows a gasoline propelled vehicle to become an electric vehicle. Kits are available from vendors in forms such that you have to do the conversion yourself. You should do some research on the best types of cars suited for the conversion kit as well as the type of car to meet your needs. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind before converting your car into an electric car.

Most of the electric cars can only be driven between 30 to 100 miles and this is affected by driving conditions and the weight of the automobile. An electric car conversion kit makes perfect sense for those who have a daily commute in this range. Electric car is a good alternative for a two car family where one vehicle is used only for short trips. It will save a great deal on the costs of gasoline annually.

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